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OMA Cubs Class

Young children class from 5 - 7 yrs. old that teaches children how to participate in a group physical activity, to stay on task, to develop their physical abilities, coordination, & to strengthen their attention span.  Karate training increases attention span and self-confidence.

Matial Arts Training

Beginner/Novice's Class

The beginner/Novice's class is for students of ages 8 to 14 yrs old.  This class is designed for belt ranks: White to Orange. This class teaches more than martial arts; we teach safety & coordination skills, develop agility, body awareness, and strength through fun activities, kumite techniques, and Kata's. Karate training increases attention span and self-confidence.

Karate Practice

Intermediate & Advanced Class

This class is for belt ranks orange with green stripe - black and Adults. This class is organized by skill level and corresponding rank. From intermediate to advanced, this class will emphasize physical development and the qualities of good character. This class is taught in a traditional manner, includes physical conditioning exercises, stretching, Self-defense, along with Shotokan Karate Techniques appropriate to the specific age and level.

Martial Arts Class

Adult Class

Coming soon.

Palm Trees

Summer Camp

OMA Karate summer camp encourages fun, fitness, and friendships while instilling self - control, discipline and respect in a safe environment.  Our program is the perfect way for kids to be introduced to Martial Arts, even if they have never trained before. The children will be instructed in the art of Shotokan karate including learning self-defense, stranger danger techniques and how to avoid lures that are essential for children to know.


Camp begins the first week of June. Our ages are from 5 to 13 years old. Your child can be dropped off as early as 8:00 am, with camp activities starting at 9:00 am, full day camp is until 6:00 pm.  Every Friday a FUN FIELD TRIP is planned. In the past our field trips have been to ice-skating, MOSI, bowling, movies, Lowry Park Zoo, Dinosaur World, Bowling, The Aquarium, Glazier Children’s Museum, to name a few.  In addition to these day trips, we will also be making weekly outings to the park and/or library, movie theater, in-house movies, and games. 


For your safety reasons, our space is limited.  Our camp is offered the whole summer months or on a week by week basis.  Early registration guarantees a spot for the weeks you choose during summer time.


Our camp volunteers are CPR trained, background checked, certified, and academically as well as instructional capable to guide your child. As a parent, ALWAYS ask for credentials!


For more information on registration fees, schedule, and weekly rates, call us at 81-278-8551. NO CONTRACTS & NO DAILY FEES

Karate Black Belt

Competitive Karate Curriculum

Our OMA competing team has proudly represented Oliver Martial Arts Academy at many local competitions as well as at AAU Florida Karate organization, AAU National organization, and AFMA sponsored events.  Our team consists of a variety of competitors at different levels, ranging from beginners to advanced. 

We believe that competing has a variety of benefits, both physically and mentally.   At OMA, we strongly encourage our competitors to have an “athlete” lifestyle that not only includes training but also healthy eating, integrity, respect, and sportsmanship.  Competitors gain confidence by overcoming insecurities, while strengthening long-lasting friendships. For more information, contact us at 813-278-8551.

Children's Storybooks


After-School Transportation program provides parents a weekday transportation from their child’s school to our karate academy, where students learn and practice traditional karate lessons during the school year from Monday-Thursday.  Friday's is our karate day off,  they play, present grade reports, medals, and such.  

Each day, the students have an hour lesson with a variety of instructions, such as: Shotokan karate, stretching, boot camp, kumite techniques, ninja obstacle course, and more.  With age-appropriate decision making and problem-solving techniques, the students also learn responsibility and leadership.


Our team members are CPR trained, background checked, certified, and academically as well as instructional capable to teach and guide your child. As a parent, ALWAYS ask for credentials!


For more information on registration fees and weekly rates, please call 813-287-8551.

After-School Program-Schools We Serve

  • Bridge Prep Academy of Riverview

  • Center Academy Riverview

  • Cimino Elementary School

  • Frost Elementary

  • Ippolito Elementary School

  • Mintz Elementary School

  • Providence Christian School

  • Riverview Elementary

  • Winthrop Charter Elementary School

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