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Karate is divided into two main grades or ranks which are called “Dan” and “Kyu” grades. The Dan grades are referred to as a degree or black belt. Kyu grades are referred to as class or colored belts (white, yellow, blue, etc).  


All Belt tests or promotional exams are formal tests – clean, pressed white gis (uniforms) will be worn (with dojo patch), proper hygiene, and all karate etiquette will be observed, as OMA Karate strongly follows Dojo Kun.   


We are not a belt test factory, therefore, attending the test, does not mean that the examinee will automatically pass. At OMA Karate, RANKS are earned, not promised!  Students must be in good standing with our dojo and have trained a minimum of 75% of classes since their last exam. 

OMA’s ranks system works with different abilities of the Karate-ka/Student. For our youth students, called juniors, they may advance in half ranks (stripe color belt) or full ranks (solid color, 5th Kyu and up), depending on one’s ability. Junior Karatekas typically test for their “strip color belt” rank first then their “solid color belt” rank at the next exam.  Adults test for the “solid color belt” rank only.  The higher in rank one becomes, the more confident, yet humble the Karateka should be!

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