Oliver Martial Arts (OMA) Academy value our clients and we will attempt, within the parameters of this difficult times we find ourselves in, to be a source of encouragement and support to our clients with an abundance of caution we will make Karate Lessons, Summer Camps, and After-School Transportation Program available to students on a restricted basis.

  During this outbreak, OMA is taking precautions to ensure safety and accommodate the participation of campers and Karate students by:

  •  Screening Temperature upon arrival of ALL students, parents, volunteers, staff, no exceptions. All temperatures will be logged and kept in OMAs records, for tracing purposes.  Student with a temperature measured higher than 99.5 F is not allowed in the dojo.

  • Screening Questionnaire must be read, dated, and signed prior to participation of either camp, After-School Transportation Program,  or lessons. See Waiver & Questionnaire provided by staff member.

  • Cleaning/disinfection procedures of all areas based on CDC guidelines.

  • Hand washing - Per CDC guidelines, for more details, ask to see Addendum provided by staff member at academy.

  • Masks usage - Per CDC guidelines. Instructors or students are not required to wear a mask while training.  We ask parents to please wear a mask while inside the academy. 

  • Sick Policy - Students and/or Campers who are experiencing cough, shortness of breath, fever of 100F or more, chills, diarrhea, vomiting, sore throat, unexplained muscle ache pains, or a new loss of taste or smell CANNOT attend Summer Camps,Karate Lessons, or ther After-School Transportation Program. 

  • For more information please call OMA at 813-278-8551 or visit our academy to review our Procedures and Registration's Addendum.




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